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What About White Foam for NPWT?

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Sometimes we encounter confusion about white foam. What I am referring to specifically is hydrophilic foam. It seems that all hydrophilic foam is white, but not all white foam is hydrophilic. The word "hydrophilic" means that the foam attracts water. This is in contrast to black or green foam which is hydrophobic, meaning it does not soak up and retain water. Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) foam dressing kits use hydrophobic foam. The foam conducts the suction down to the wound bed, and allows water to pass through and into the suction dome and out to the canister. 

Consequently, white foam is used as an addition to, not in place of black foam included in a foam kit. Due to its higher tensile strength it is used to pack into undermined or tunneled areas of the wound bed. It can also be used to cover and protect exposed tendons or bones.

What Happened to Accuro Medical?

We are occasionally asked about Accuro Medical. They ran into some problems with their negative pressure wound therapy vacuum pump. In the process of decontaminating the unit after use, typically the unit was sprayed down with a disinfectant. This liquid tended to seep into the unit and would sometimes cause problems with the circuit board [...]

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Using One NPWT Wound Vac for Multiple Wounds

If you are dealing with multiple wounds, you can use a "Y" adaptor to connect two wounds to one NPWT wound vacuum pump. All you need is a small bore plastic "Y". Connect the two connection tubes from the dressings to the legs of the "Y", and connect the tube from the canister to the [...]

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Foam Bridge Kits for NPWT

At times it would be detrimental to apply the suction dome from a negative pressure wound therapy foam dressing kit directly over the foam. In these instances, the caregiver desires to relocate the suction dome to an offsetting location. A foam bridge kit is just what is needed in this situation. The kit consists of [...]

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How to Achieve a Seal with NPWT

There are some locations where it is extremely difficult to achieve a good seal, especially with gauze kits. The popularity of foam for NPWT is certainly partly related to the fact that it is often easier to achieve a good seal. However there are a couple of tips for increasing the probability of a seal. The [...]

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New Product Line

We just added a new product line to our negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) dressing kits. The MedVac hydrophobic foam kits are made by MedWay in China. They make small, medium, large, and extra large kits. For the time being, we will not be stocking the extra large kit. The small and medium kits consist of [...]

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How to Find Your Wheelchair Solution

Our wheelchairs can be found in our "Mobility" category. Pediatric wheelchairs can be found in our "Medical Equipment" section. One of the "Mobility" subcategories is "Wheelchairs". The subcategories to "Wheelchairs" is as follows:Combination WheelchairsHeavy Duty WheelchairsLightweight WheelchairsReclining WheelchairsStandard WheelchairsTransport WheelchairsHeavy Duty Transport WheelchairsLightweight Transport WheelchairsUltra Lightweight WheelchairsWheelchair AccessoriesThere is a separate subcategory for "Power Mobility". [...]

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How to Find Your Home Medical Product Solution

Our online store medical products are categorized as follows: Medical EquipmentMedical SuppliesMobility ProductsPressure Prevention ProductsNegative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) ProductsThere are subcategories of each of these categories down to four levels. These major categories are displayed across the top of the home page.  When you hover over the category heading, a dropdown menu will appear from [...]

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Presssure Prevention - The General Idea

There are actually people who specialize in the science of pressure prevention. Needless to say it can get a little complicated. However, don't let the complex details derail you from understanding the basics, which are really simple. When a normally mobile person sits, stands, or reclines, pressure points result in us changing position in an [...]

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How to Select Gloves

Disposable gloves come in such an array of different sizes, color, material, presence of powder, and box sizes that it can seem sort of bewildering. However, you can really narrow down the options by determining the desired material and whether or not you want powdered or non-powdered gloves.Disposable gloves are made of three different types [...]

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